B&B Trading is a Top Buyer / Seller of Surplus Electrical Fittings & Circuit Breakers

Over 30 years ago our founder, an electrical contractor and entrepreneur, hung up his tools and established B&B Trading. He traveled around the Country assisting manufacturers that had done competitive material buy backs, Distributors that had purchased another distributor and needed to clean out material they no longer supported and Electrical or General Contractors that had excess electrical fittings , materials or circuit breakers at the end of their projects.

This material was purchase and shipped to our facilities to be sorted and stocked for redistribution. This process has firmly established B&B Trading as the premier purchaser of surplus and excess electrical inventory and filled buildings with all types of electrical fittings, products, new, used and reconditioned circuit breakers of all brands an sizes.

Our team has changed, moving to the next generation, but our process have remained the same or improved. We are committed to making all our transactions as close to perfect as possible buy or sell.

At B&B Trading, we work as a team in constant communication to get each job done right. From the initial quote to product delivery, the entire process moves smoothly, all within our facility.

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